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Cinema and conference chair

Unless cinema and conference chairs are produced according to the fundamental norms, they might have a negative effect on the attention of the people using them. If this type of furniture is produced non-compliant with the orthopedic features, it will create excessive discomfort; if it is produced in a way that will make people feel sluggish, it will make people unable to concentrate on what they watch or hear. Conference chairs produced by Cagin Office Furniture combine comfort of the people with their ability to focus. Cagin offers service beyond expectations.

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Form Sandalye
Form Sandalye
$ 29 | EU 26
Visitor Guest Chair
Visitor Guest Chair
$ 55 | EU 49
Strong Konferans Koltuk
Strong Konferans Koltuk
$ 143 | EU 128
Neon Conference Chair
Neon Conference Chair
$ 136 | EU 121
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Either be a manager of a conference room and cinema, or be a manager who wants to add more than a meeting room to his or her company; Cagin Office Furniture always offers you service beyond your expectations.

Cinema and conference chairs should enable the audience have the comfort and opportunity to focus on the presentation. It is an undesired situation for the people who sit on these chairs to constantly change the way they sit feeling uncomfortable or to lose their attention towards the presentation because of extra comfort.

Cagin Office Furniture follows the scientific researches on cinema and conference chair design and offers products that are decorative, durable and supportive to watch the whole presentation without any loss of attention.

Just focus on the stage, leave the rest to Cagin...

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