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Rattan Chair

Changing the general idea that garden furniture are not comfortable, Cagin Office Furniture is particularly assertive about rattan chair... Rattan chairs that will make you feel the comfort at its peak either in the balcony and garden of your office, or in the open space of your restaurant or cafe, also care for visuality with its extraordinary designs.
Cagin raises the level of ordinary comfort.

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Rattan Sandalye P93
Rattan Sandalye P93
$ 100 | EU 95
Rattan Sandalye P91
Rattan Sandalye P91
$ 99 | EU 94
Rattan Sandalye P92
Rattan Sandalye P92
$ 100 | EU 95
Rattan Sandalye P210
Rattan Sandalye P210
$ 109 | EU 103
Rattan Sandalye P94
Rattan Sandalye P94
$ 92 | EU 87
Rattan Sandalye ARC 319
Rattan Sandalye ARC 319
$ 110 | EU 105
Rattan Sandalye P96
Rattan Sandalye P96
$ 92 | EU 87
Pana Rattan Sandalye
Pana Rattan Sandalye
$ 76 | EU 72
Tona Sandalye
Tona Sandalye
$ 57 | EU 54
Modern Sandalye EM20
Modern Sandalye EM20
$ 93 | EU 88
Ramiz Chairs
Ramiz Chairs
$ 90 | EU 86
Rattan Sandalye EM 612D
Rattan Sandalye EM 612D
$ 142 | EU 135
Rattan Sandalye KR0331
Rattan Sandalye KR0331
$ 223 | EU 212
Rattan Sandalye P101
Rattan Sandalye P101
$ 122 | EU 115
Rattan Sandalye EM36
Rattan Sandalye EM36
$ 100 | EU 95
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Rattan chairs that are the most important members of rattan furniture sets used generally by restaurants and cafes and enterprises with open space leave behind the bad reputation of garden furniture thanks to half-century Cagin experience.

Rattan furniture that cause muscle and joint pain in the conditions of sitting too much is now a thing of the past with Cagin. Durable to all kinds of weather conditions, rattan chair collection pushes the limits in terms of aesthetics.

Rattan chairs, that will make you sit comfortably for longer hours and provide you with qualified rest, will make you take the first place in the eyes of your clients.

Cagin Office Furniture does not only produce garden furniture, it also leaves you without any alternatives. The key of being without alternatives is in your nearest Cagin Office Furniture showroom.

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