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The Systems of Multi Action & Seperator

Business life is changeable. This system changes in accordance with your business.

Modular separators, which successfully accomplish to simplify the soft lines of minimalism that does not strain eyes and the necessities of business life s complex equipment, prepare compact working units with the design that gives importance to the details. They enable the employees to concentrate on their own work easily even though they work in the same place thanks to the wide range of accessories systems, electricity plug system and bearer body with no legs. Modular separators that give successful results when particularly used in multi-office settlements and call centers constitute one of the most detailed settlement and decoration solutions that have been designed for the diversifying office requirements. One of the most remarkable features of this system is that both sides of the thin section that separates the desk can be covered with glass, melamine and cloth type panel even when its sizes are between 40 and 80 mms.

The Summary Explanations of Separation Systems


Everyone has a different character. And everyone has their own places. In some tables, there sprouts a green plant; in another, there smiles a small toy with its all loveliness. The aim is to make every employee feel good and comfortable. In this manner, the prize always comes with the employees smiling face and high efficiency.

  • The feature of harmonizing with the room with the options of melamine, glass and cloth covering

  • The opportunity of enlarging the desk-top workspace with the accessories options that can be attached to the panel

  • The product sizes determined according to the requirements

Fonksiyonellik / Functionality

Even though decoration is basically an output of visual charm, the understanding of decoration has changed. Nowadays, what is ideal is to combine the aesthetical appearance with ease of use that will not be outdated in time.

  • The opportunity of making the plug socket in any place desired
  • The opportunity of annihilating the visual pollution by hiding the cables
  • Use of intertwinement system plinth that enables to make changes easily when necessa


The contemporary interpretation of forms and the consonant combination of wood and metal... Simple but assertive... Simple but characteristic... The new identity of simple nobility...

  • Modern appearance alternatives coming from different leg options
  • The opportunity of adding shelves and cabinets thanks to the systems loadbearing feature
  • The structure that enables the passing of system necessities with its integrated structure
  • The opportunity of applying window shade for the options with window

Reception / Karşılama

The first "Hello!". The first sight is always determining... Therefore, the counter and the reception desks are like the first sentences that are coming out of an enterprise. It is nearly as valuable as a colleague who sets sight on success in every start ... Your corporate identity must definitely be represented accurately.

  • It offers a solution to the needs of counter with its panel systems in different heights
  • Materials like melamine, cloth, glass help the system harmonize with the place

Laboratory / Laboratuvar

Designment is in the saddle of science... The role of space organization is important in the success of research and development studies in terms of categorization of every kind of instrument, equipment and material in an orderly manner, dedicating some space for the store of the materials that are not frequently used, and many other details... What about the rest? The rest is about high motivation...

Call Center / Çağrı Merkezi

Well-organized call centers are an essential way of serving that makes the clients satisfied. Designing the right office environment in order to increase the performance of call center teams is really vital for them to make the company they represent succeed.

  • The sound volume can be controlled with the special isolation cloth choices
  • Diversified cabling and plug solutions
  • Varying modulation and profile options
  • Vertical carriage systems for desk-top equipment
  • The option of augmenting the system when necessary
  • Comfortable chair option
  • The changeable design of the cables in parallel with new requirements

Desk Seperation Systems / Masa Arası Seperasyon Sistemleri

Comfort / Rahatlık

Who knows how many people have repeated this sentence today? Our careers carry such importance that it has become irreplaceable to work in a comfortable office environment. The designs have been perfected when the expectations about conveniences, comfort and ease of use have increased.

  • The opportunity of enlarging the desk-top workspace with the accessories options that can be attached to the panel
  • Removal of cable disorder thanks to the plug options
  • Alternative separator options that do not touch down the floor
  • Different profile options
  • The changeable design of the cables in parallel with new requirements

Low Seperation Systems / Alçak Seperasyon Sistemleri

Low separation systems are one of the design tools that you will need in order to define your workplaces in the most functional way according to your wishes. Besides creating the place in a systematic way, they also enable you to efficiently use all design elements that cross your mind such as workstations and in-office details. It is possible to create different alternatives with operated window shade panels in these modular systems that are appreciated not only for their simple designs but also for their first-rate material selections.

There are multiple choices for the material used for furniture. Different melamine, glass and cloth alternatives that will match the overall decoration of the office... The diversity of combination that can be provided by changing the places of the modular units... The independence of creating semi-closed or full-closed workplace according to necessities... The possibility of using the panels and various accessories with single tables... In short, we have many solutions for all your problems!

  • The changeable design of the cables in parallel with new requirements
  • The system that makes it easier to create different office areas thanks to its different modulation options
  • Elegant and functional design

High Seperation Systems / Yüksek Seperasyon Sistemleri

The system that will make you feel like in a different world in the same room...
Combining the softness of the cloth and the transperancy of the glass with aliminium in a nice way, high separation systems offers you fresh and long lasting breaths in floor to ceiling room separation. Uniting an elegant construction and solid structure, these systems allow you to have extra space and they can be used in various combinations at different times according to your necessities.

Technical Features of 45 mm Double Glass System
  • 45 mm thickness
  • Use of two-sided material
  • In addition to the use of melamine, cloth or glass, the possibility of creating various combinations from these materials
  • Disassembling system on the basis of profile
  • The possibility of transportation and change of place at no cost when necessary
  • The system design that absorbs the situation of being out of square between ceiling and floor
  • The structure that allows the isolation between woods and the applicaiton of window shade in the midst of double-glass
  • The possibility of passing to the cables such as electricity, data or telephone from
  • The possibility of using and locking the door frame of the system without a latch cotter
  • The design that does not require disassembling of the panel or the separation completely in situations like glass breaking thanks to the system designed on 90% joint combinations
  • Use of first class aluminium profile
  • The changeable design of the cables in parallel with new requirements

You lack of large spaces? We have a solution for that too...

  • The feature of using the place in maximum capacity even in limited spaces and fitting many units in the room.
  • The possibility of forming new combinations with materials like wood, glass or cloth or adding window shade
  • Easy use thanks to the button for window shade

Meeting Seperation / Toplantı Seperasyon

Team spirit takes a breath here
Prerequisites of actualizing the desire of achieving perfection, which is in every professional persons dream, is a harmonious team work, a heartfelt motivation and the effort of crossing his or her own lines...
The meeting notes that are thought to be ordinary may be the modest seeds of future achievements.

Technical Features of 45 mm Double Glass System
  • The possibility of creating elegant meeting units and workplaces with the options of covering both sides of the 80-mm- section with melamine, glass or cloth
  • The possibility of using the system both vertical and horizontal
  • Holistic system constituted according to the place
  • The glass or wood alternatives of the door
  • The changeable design of the cables in parallel with new requirements

Transparent Separators / Şeffaf Seperatör

Transparent separators that do not ruin the wholeness and size of the place, that provide all of the employees the space they need to focus on their own works, that emphasize the synergy that strenghtens the team spirit... In other words, decorative solutions that strenghten the team connection and communication...

Technical Features of 42 mm Single Glass System
  • 42 mm thickness
  • Beside usage of melamine, glass or cloth, the possibility of forming new combinations with these materials
  • Usage of the pump system for glass doors
  • Ideal for the application of tempered glass and laminated glass
  • The design that provides monolithic holistic applications
  • The option of being formed with glass-to-glass sequential applications or "T" combinations
  • The changeable design of the cables in parallel with new requirements

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